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Spring is on the way

IMG_1287Do you see those small white pieces along the front of the bags   and garbage cans?   Those are the iris popping out of the ground.  And inside the house two potatoes that we missed are through the ground.


We totally cleaned this side and the back today, then put in two types of kale, Simpson black seeded lettuce, endive, and escarole


In this photo, the clear areas are where there was cardboard.   Any where we didn’t put it, we have all this spreading low ground cover for which we don’t have a name.


These are some of the vegetables that went in too late last fall to get good growth, but we’re eating them now.  I do a good job of starting early, but somehow peter out mid-summer.


 These potatoes really,  REALLY want to be in the ground, so we planted them along the west (back) side of the greenhouse.  (we just didn’t have a cool enough place to store them all winter.)  It will be an early crop which will delight us.   We will plant others outside for a later crop which hopefully will do better at lasting through the winter.


This is a look at the entire hoop house with still lots of work to be done, but for most of it, we are still a month away.


We laid this blanket over the new seedlings as it is supposed to make the difference of a zone in temperature.   We’re trying it.

So the day went like this:   1.  filled the freezer with another box of bananas, then worked in the greenhouse weeded one side and the back, planted, fertilized, put down slug bait, watered, and then laid the blanket over the greens.  After supper, we bagged those bananas.  (the rest should be ready to freeze and dehydrate tomorrow.  My Fitbit registered over 10,000 steps and I am ready for bed.