Gift making time

Perhaps if we just make a couple small things each month, we’ll be ready for birthdays and Christmas.   So here is my 2015 start.   This was fun. IMG_1361

Thank you Judy S for telling me about this washcloth pattern in your comment.   I couldn’t let that slide by, so I printed it .  You know what happened next.  I started this green one this morning, working on it in the sun because honestly I didn’t want to get to work.   Then I took it up again when in the car waiting for DH at the chiropractor.     The larger one took yarn left over from 3 previous washcloths that I had made.   It took leftovers from three to make the larger green one.  The purple one is cosmetic size removal size and only took leftover from one previous cloth.  Here is a photo so you get the idea of size difference.  (I don’t block washcloths).


So now I have started this year’s gift stash.

6 Responses

  1. Janice says:

    Darn. My knitting needles are all packed up somewhere. Would love to try this now….lol…

  2. sharon says:

    Perhaps you will soon be able to unpack. Or how about you need another pair of needles.

  3. Judy S says:

    Watch out, that pattern is addictive! LOL