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Spring cleaning part 1


This side of the kitchen was the catch all for everything that someone didn’t want to put away immediately or didn’t know where to put.    It also had some extra appliances sitting waiting for a home.   So today I “dug out” the counter.  We emptied some things out of the kitchen, put appliances not used daily away and found homes for all the “stuff”.   It still looks like too much in the left corner, but really that is a carton of eggs that we fill daily, some tissue and writing paper and pencil.  Then we emptied off the top of the refrigerators which seem to be a great place to put something and forget it.   The marvelous husband wiped down the  top cupboards.   Tomorrow, I will wipe down the  drawers, clean out the refrigerator and wash the floor.   Ah it will be a joy to once again have a clean kitchen.


The stove in the left corner is clean and the sink in the right corner will be the last to get done.

Then we made a trip to UPS, Goodwill, and did some other errands and returned back here in time to feed animals their supper.

So no sewing time today though I did get to knit in the car as we went from one task to another

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