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Chickens think summer

P1010170 cuckco moran settingP1010169

Today  I have 2 hens that believe it is warm enough to set.   They are both broody and would like to really nail me when I take their eggs.   However, I bought chicks before they went broody and need their eggs more than I need them setting.

P1010171 babies set  in ckn house

The babies were set out today in the hen house.  They will have to be caged until old enough the hens don’t attack them.   This week we will  move them to rabbit cages – 6 to a cage and keep them in the same area.   The 6 bantams may get to be up here with the other bantams.

P1010173 closet rod fell

I had to laugh at these three girls – yes, if you look carefully, there are 3 here.   They were sitting by the fountain at the front door, chatting away to each other.  When they left, there were 3 eggs there.   Chickens are such interesting animals.

P1010172 closet rod fell

And lest you think nothing goes wrong – which is rare, the closet rod fell.  It has been there for more than a year.   I have no idea when it fell, just that when I went to get a different shirt, it was down.  Here it is back up, before the clothes are back on it.  These things remind me that we all have interesting days.