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Easter and socks

Easter is the time of year, we think even more on what the Resurrection means to us.   This past month has been full of loss:  Planes, a mudslide, a ferry, a bus accident, and 3 extended family members gone.  I long for the time when this is over and we meet with our Lord to never part again.

Some of us went for a walk in the park this beautiful morning to get our steps in and to enjoy each other’s company.   Shaula, my DIL and my son, Darrin gave me these beautiful flowers.

P1010323 tulips

Then we came home and  weeded in the greenhouse and my nephew came over to get some tomato starts .  Then it was time to feed the bees, dogs and us.

P1010321 mindless striped socks

I did get this pair of socks done which makes the 4th pair this year.

P1010127 finished sherbet socksP1000941 finished socksP1000836 striped socks