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Pouring rain and gardening

It rained so hard today, I am ready to share with those of you in Texas who are wanting rain.   However, I am not complaining, because it is much easier to get out of the rain than to get rain when it doesn’t exist.    Today, I spent considerable time spinning the dog’s wool that they are shedding like crazy.   Then I planted some tomatoes – but only about 1/2 of them.   I still need to put the others in larger containers to grow until we can plant outside in another month.

P1010389 volunteer tom

These 30 tomato plants were volunteers in the greenhouse

P1010388 see tomatoes

And these 39 I planted from seed.   The volunteers are winners so far.

P1010390 frozen banana

This is the banana plant that I so feared had frozen to death in December

P1010386 garden destroyers

These are the cultivators or shall I call them seedling destroyers.

P1010387 egg size

And just for fun, I thought you’d enjoy seeing this tiny little egg laid by one of our large egg layers.   The larger egg is a normal sized egg and the little one is more like a love bird egg.