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Bananas and other

We will be watching tonight’s health lecture which runs all week, if you are interested.   They have been super good. Here is the site:


Yeah! we finished extracting the  honey {11 pints) and cleaned the extractor.   This took up the morning and would you know when I was in the tub with my hair wet and water still going, the phone rang.   It was the produce man with overripe bananas which we were to come get.   Then the doorbell rang.   Fortunately, DH was home and answered that.    Now please explain why both had to wait until I was really busy.

No photos of the  honey as we put it all in used margarine tubs for our own use.

 The bananas are all cut and in the freezer.  They will be packed in baggies, ready for smoothies.

P1010260 sliced bananas

And here are the skins.   P1010261 banana skins

Guess what we did with them.     Threw them to the chickens, of course,  but got this surprise.

P1010263 sheep eating skins