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April Sew Fun

It seems that the Sew Fun days are coming closer together – but I guess it’s really just that my days are full enough they pass quickly.    Today we were shown some Anita Goodesign products made up

P1010351 anita gooddesign plant markers

Here are some seed packets one might enjoy In the house.

P1010354 anita g silverware holder

And what a great way to have the silverware and napkins ready for each person at a picnic!

The teacher showed us an eyeglass case and then a beautiful baby quilt with Anita Goodesign Nursery rhyme designs.   What was really lovely about this quilt was the rhymes were actually part of the picture.   It made an unusual and beautiful baby quilt.

P1010356 anita g nursery rhymes

The switch was then made to talking about spring clothing of which I don’t have photos.   She had a few Nancy Zieman patterns and told us these patterns had excellent illustrations and are very easy to construct.   She also had some  simple gifts from “Sew Knits with confidence” by Nancy Zieman that were simple with a seam or two and looked quite attractive.