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Bee Ready

The two new colony starts will be here Sunday, so today we set up their new hives.  We are choosing to go with the more shallow Western boxes as they hold about 55 pounds compared to  80 which is just too heavy.   As soon as they are happy in their new home, we will add more boxes, one at a time, depending on how the flowers, weather and all go.

P1010194 setting up hives


Then off to extract honey from the hives whose colonies did not make it through the winter.  There wasn’t much extra honey.  It appears one colony starved to death and I’m not sure what happened to the other.  Maybe the same thing.  No bees in either and very little honey stores.

Here is how we get the honey out.

P1010198 honey extracter

This is the extractor.

P1010199 looking into ext

Looking down inside, we put 4 frames in at once (to balance)

P1010202 closed ex

We go round and round and round with the handle and using centrifugal force, the honey appears out the bottom of the canister.

P1010201 honey exit

After the round and round part, we take a break.   Tomorrow, we will finish it up and clean it all up for end of summer again.    Hopefully we will have the motor on for next time.


P1010204 April block

Now the relaxing part was to do this month’s block for the Aurofil BOM.  These are the blocks so far.

P1010203 aurofil bom