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Need entertainment?

      IMG_0065 Christian selfie

Today brings us a guest blogger – or at least photographer – and here is his “selfie”.

P1010340 lisa and xn

He and his mom, our daughter, Lisa are here visiting for a day.    Of course all the animals are extremely interesting to him and he loves visiting with them.   So here are a few photos he took for the blog.

P1010324 baby bantams

The new bantam chicks

P1010326 hen by front door

The hens laying eggs behind the fountain by the front door.

P1010337 setting hens

Another hen actually setting on eggs in the coup.


Then it was lunch and shopping time.  This is a character from Mine Craft and a diamond that interested him.

P1010334 PACAS wsheep

p1010333 alpacas

P1010345 christian feeding hoofstockBack home to the animals, it was hoof stock time and he loved that they would come to him if he had a bit of grain in the bucket.   Nana tired out, but tomorrow we will be out there with the bucket once again.

Now if you need entertainment, I know a 10-year-old that can keep a person busy most of the day.


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