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Little things and sherbet socks

Oh look!   We just started a new month – tomorrow I’ll have my monthly list to show you.

This morning was filled with lots of small things.    These are the little things that don’t seem too important, but somehow putting them off turns them into a big job.   By little things, I’m talking about the tax papers that needed to be put away, the magazines that needed to go downstairs, the credit card that was misplaced because I didn’t deal with it immediately and it got “lost” under other papers.   It seemed as if they were all ready to multiply if not done immediately.   It only takes a minute at the time it comes up, and maybe that’s why it doesn’t seem too important to do it just then.   However, these “little” things seem to reproduce and soon I have a big pile of things with which to deal.   So I’m trying to deal with these things immediately.    I hope someone whose reading this can relate.


P1010124 ssherbet sock to toe

Last night I knit up to the toes on the socks

 P1010127 finished sherbet socks

Then I knitted on the toes while we were going to  meet the dog food coop driver.   So when we got home, I stitched the ends together and they are ready to wear.   They are really happy socks!


P1010126 panera sallad and roll

On the way to pick up the dog food, we made a lunch detour at Paneras.   This is Bill’s favorite place to eat.   I had this lovely big salad and a whole wheat bun and Bill enjoyed their black bean soup with a veggie sandwich.       This gave us the go power we needed to start another project when we got home.

P1010128  started weeding hill

This is another “little”, but a very different one.    What looks like a shadow here is actually where we weeded.  This project we will do a bit on each non rainy day until we have the  weeds out.   It is a shady spot under the big cedar tree.    Weeds do okay there, but I have not yet found other plants that are happy in this situation.    I’d really like some perennials.   Do you have any ideas?


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