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On Grandpa’s Pond bom started

Today I was scheduled for the dentist.   I tried, honestly, I did.   But the rain was heavy enough that there were many accidents and people weren’t getting anywhere.   After an hour and a half trying to get there, I gave up, came home and rescheduled.     So my nerves needed calming and here we go.
On Grandpa’s Pond“,  applique pattern uses a double stick fusible web where one draws on the paper side of the web (the other side eventually is peeled off and the web gets stuck to the back of the fabric).

P1010360 stean a sean2

P1010361 fish pattern

After drawing, the pattern is roughly cut out and pressed to the desired fabric which is then cut out accurately.

P1010362 cut out

I remove the back paper on these roughly cut pieces and then press them to the WRONG side of the fabric I’m using for that piece.

P1010364 removing backing

Sometimes as on the red one, I pressed it to the right side, which meant, I got to cut out another pattern piece and another fabric piece.   The green one is correctly on the wrong side of the fabric.

P1010365 press on back

Many pieces overlap slightly.  When I have them laid out to my satisfaction, I press in place on the background.   I then zigzag with a small stitch around the pieces.  (not yet done)   I like to use a polyester invisible thread for this.   It holds nicely and unless you really examine it, it isn’t that noticeable.

P1010369 grandpa pond fish

This is the boat that is also part of January’s pattern.   On this piece, it has me do stitching before adhering the next piece.

P1010368 pressed down.

So until next time, I’ll stop here.

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