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Debbie Mumm BOM Jan-Feb blocks

Debbie has names this quilt “Stars of Honor”.   It is a lap quilt meant to be 54 x 70.

         P1010273 drawing line on white

First I drew a diagonal line across the lighter piece of fabric.   I did this to all the pieces before I started sewing.

P1010272 sewing white on red

Then I sewed right beside that line, checked to make sure that when I folded it up, it would match the red piece.    Then sewed it again 3/8 – 1/2″ farther away from the piece I need.   I then cut between the two lines.

P1010276 left over squares

In this way, I have the little half squares for another project.   Had I not sewn  them first, they probably would wind up tossed as the little pieces on bias are difficult to sew.   These little half squares are about 7/8″ trimmed. and will finish at just under 1/2″ – very small.

P1010269 oops

I then repeated this on the other end of the brown pieces.   Oh, look!. A mistake as one is reversed.   And look again, I mistakenly  cut off the triangle on this one.

P1010270 oops again

It happens.   I just cut new pieces and kept going.

P1010274 two sides tog

This is the front and here is the back so you can see how the seams nest neatly

P1010275 back side seams

 Two of these pieces are sewn together and then two of those pieces are again sewn together.   Here is the finished block – well actually 5 of this block are required for the quilt.    See how the one quarter is turned and then again.

P1010282 Janfeb stars

After this, it was cleaning time again.   Now the kitchen is nearly too clean to use.

P1010284 clean kit

P1010285 more clean kit

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