Giraffe baby booties


Some things never go out of style.    These were the only baby booties that stayed on my babies and I made dozens of these booties in various fabrics and colors.    With just a bit of fabric left from the giraffe quilt, I decided that a pair of booties might make this mother happy.

FUN photo:


DH filled the feeder fairly tight and a bit above the sheep heads this time.    I thought it was cute how they made these little holes with their mouths.    Tomorrow this will all collapse as they eat more and the hay becomes loose.


2 Responses

  1. Judy S says:

    Adorable! Is that a personal pattern?

    • sharon says:

      No, but I have had it awhile. It came off the internet, but there is no info on the pattern as to who it belongs to and I cannot find it on the net now. There is another pattern now on the net that is the one we used 40 years ago for our babies. But now this woman is selling it. So I guess if you put it on the net first, it msth belong to you regardless of how long other women have used it.