Daily Archives: November 23, 2015




Inventory and planning (list making)

No  photos today because you know what paper looks like.     I spent a good share of the afternoon taking inventory of what was completed last year and was surprised to find that the items on my list were not what I completed most of.   In fact, there were many items completed that weren’t even thought of yet.   They  were items that came across my  path that I sidetracked to do.   Still lists are good because without direction, I waste too much time,   This year’s inventory so far is completed and I have started the lists of what I want to accomplish in each department next year.

I will have a list for quilting, knitting, crocheting, sewing, dolls, garden, embroidery, learning new skills, exercise,  and maybe others.   Then I will divide those by months.    I know that the goals will not all be met, in fact more probably will not be met, than will be met.   But oh, how much more will get done than if I didn’t have lists.

Do you make lists?   If you do, let’s share and if you don’t, try a small list.   You might find it makes a difference in your life.