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Personal day


Out of the house a bit earlier this morning,

with lots of rain and traffic IMG_3576on our way to downtown Seattle to the foot and ankle Dr. and the anesthesiologist pre-op.



IMG_3579The office and the scene from the window




IMG_3588  Here are the views of my current ankle.   The medical team needs to remove the three top screws and patch a lot of what looks dark behind the white which looks like an old fashioned phone receiver on the left.   So the procedure is to drill a small hole in the top of the tibia (bone that runs down the front of the leg), take some of that interior bone, grind it to powder and mix it with inert bone, then insert it into the area that needs more bone because it has worn away from the friction of the hardware.  Because this is living bone, they expect it will reproduce where needed.   At least this is the plan for next Wednesday, which has worked well for many patients.    They are hoping that it will work well for me as well.   They will not know until they try it.    If it does not work, they will have to go back in and replace the entire business.    I know what I want.   I do not know what God thinks will be best for me.IMG_3589



This is a mere 3 hour or more, depending on how it goes, operation.   And I am so blessed to live at a time and place where this can happen so that I can continue to walk.



 So after this morning visit, we decided to stop for lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant which was new to us, and found the food to be very good.



Tonight, I’m tired, and just making lists.  Then, tomorrow we will have company. and Thanksgiving is elsewhere.   Oh, how fast the days go!