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Friday Variety: Quilt, food, & dog

P1000849 quilt bound

The quilt has been bound and is ready for a child who might be cold.   It has a heavy batting and will be quite warm.


P1000854 sweet potato flour

I tried a new flour in the pancakes this morning.   I was told to use it straight across for wheat and it is gluten-free.  This is not an inexpensive flour. but there are times when one needs to have something for someone who is gluten intolerant and it is good to know what to use.  The pancakes were a bit thicker than I usually get from this recipe, but they were extremely delicious.


P1000859 potatoes done

A casserole is ready for tonight and one for tomorrow.   Bill says he’s never seen a potato he didn’t like and can’t ever get tired of them, which is good for me.


P1000852 lacey digging feet

Lacey is digging a cave.   It is on the hillside under the side deck.   So far, she has it deep enough, that when she is in it, you do not see her.   I think she is planning to have puppies there.  We have other plans.  As dirty as those feet look, as soon as they are dry, the “Teflon” dog will shed the dirt and get up looking as though she had never seen dirt.   I love that their whole coat does this.

I went to the doctor to have the stitches removed from my finger and he was very pleased with how it looked.

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