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P1000766 meal planning

This was the way I scheduled when I had lots of baby birds to feed.   It is very demanding and not necessary for my current lifestyle.   It is hour by hour throughout the day.

P1000766 meal planning

This is my current way of making schedules.    The first one is meal planning.   I like to have an idea with the recipes if needed for what will happen each day.   Then I know what needs to be cooked ahead that week or only that day.  This is somewhat flexible because what if I find an exciting recipe I want to try or we still have leftovers that need to be eaten?   We have a smoothie each morning with different greens -depending on what I find in the store and what I have in the freezer.    I like to get large bags of greens and freeze them in meal portions for the smoothies.  Likewise the different fruits will be what are in the freezer plus what I find on sale.

P1000768 months plans

Then there is the general schedule for what gets done.   I start this by listing what I’d like to get done on one paper.   Then putting headings on another paper, I list them under the proper headings.

Finally I fill out a sheet for the month, remembering that things are only things and not to get too stressed if something didn’t get finished or something else came up that was more important.    Having this schedule reduces the time spent looking for something to do or playing on the computer.     If the project is in front of me, it usually gets done.   The bigger problem for me is to overschedule like I did last month.   I tried to be more realistic this month.


There are certain things that are done everyday the same like Wed.  Seniors get a discount on Wed at the grocery store so that’s a great time for me to go.    Then Friday I clean and prepare meals for the weekend.   Sundays I plan things for both of us, though it doesn’t always work out that both of us do them.  There are various things that are standard every month like Sew Fun and the last of February is the big Sew Expo.  And I schedule in birthdays so I know to get a card or gift depending on the need.

Then there are the things I forget to put on the schedule that will be  added a bit later – on this schedule, I already see that I forgot to give time to make next months schedule with choosing recipes etc can take a part of a day.  I do hope that this gives you a bit of an idea on how I make my schedules.    I’d love to see yours if you’d care to share.

When spring comes and garden time,  I do a lot of juggling.   I put garden time and project time on the list, and use the day that fits the weather or my possibly aching muscles.

If any of my menus interest you, please do ask for the recipe and I’ll be happy to share.