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One of those days and sweatshirt makeover

We all have them occasionally – a day where we don’t want to do anything on our  list.   I have had one of these today – so after retrieving the bird from the vet,  instead of doing what I scheduled to do, I volunteered to test some embroidery designs.

Then I did a bit of work on a couple different projects and pulled out another project not even close on my list to start.   At this point, I realized this is a short month with the Sew Expo the last two days and  I really do need a jacket to where then.

P1000775 purple swear hanging on door

Out came the sweatshirt that I cut up the front last week.   I found some trim in one of mother’s boxes and decided on an embroidery design to put on it.   (One could use applique if you’d rather)     So easy and here is the finished project!