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Getting behind

P1000815 Blue sky

What an absolutely gorgeous day!    One would never guess that we had 3 1/2″ of snow on Sunday.   Today the ground is nearly dry.   It was a great day to have good weather,  as I had to restring some hot wire and will need to find about 900 feet to finish the job.

P1000818 hot wire box

P1000819 hot wire

Here is the power box already in place, but not hooked up to power. and a look at the wire I’m putting back up.   Things happen over the years.   How or where it went, I don’t know, but all the plastic wire seems to have vanished.


P1000817  Beau

Here is Beau who actually stays home and on the job.    Lacey is determined to spend time guarding the entire neighborhood instead of staying home and guarding her own family of animals.  And I am determined to thwart her efforts.   It’s a real tug of war.


P1000820 doll dress start

The grocery shopping did happen today (before Lacey escaped).   However, very little sewing happened.     I did start one doll dress, which I plan to finish tomorrow.  Tax work scheduled for today was postponed for a few days.   Maybe next week as I’m not real excited about doing it.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets sidetracked, and not always of my own doing.