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Feb company and food

Remember one of my goals was to invite some people from church over once a month for a meal to get acquainted.   This was the week!   Of the 8 invited, 4 accepted and we had a delightful visit.

The meal was Quinoa Broccoli casserole, roasted cauliflower, roasted squash (from our garden), corn, tossed salad, and a bean veg salad one of the women wanted to bring.  Then a fruit salad for dessert.    This made it very easy for me to prepare.   I had the squash and the cauliflower all cut and in Ziploc baggies to just season and put in oven for 20 minutes.   The salad and casserole were pre-made.   So it was just a matter of heating the oven, setting the table, etc. while waiting for the oven.

The casserole was from Vegkitchen,  I have made this casserole a couple times and both times it was a hit.    I omitted the tomatoes as suggested the first time I served it.   I will continue to use this as a fast and easy casserole.    By the way, check out this site.  She has lots of great recipes.