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Machine repair

Machine repair #1

Some weeks are not what one expects.   Today, I took the sewing machine I mentioned yesterday in for repair.   It is on contract, so other than losing 2-3 weeks of sewing on it, it is bearable.  It is just my favorite for sewing.  Really I’m thankful, there will be no additional cost for my not catching this problem before it became a problem.

Machine repair #2

Then I picked up the weed whacker that I took in yesterday for repair.   In case you didn’t know, one must use it either at full speed or no speed or the oil doesn’t evaporate properly and clogs the filter.    There is your $30 tip for this week.

Machine repair #3

As long as I had to go the sewing machine store, I took in my felting machine for which the pedal hasn’t been working.   It has not been working at all.  I even had someone else look at it.   No, didn’t work.   Right.   It worked perfectly there.  It is now working at home.

Maybe it’s just me and machines.   We don’t work well together.

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