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Immortality. Garage clean-out

Since earthly immortality is out, it was time for a garage clean-out.   You know all those things we save because we might need them someday, etc.   Or the things that we don’t want to deal with.   Today, those things were dealt with.   There will be two 3/4 ton pick-up loads going to the dump in the morning.   One from the garage and one from around the farm.   And that does not include the items which will be recycled.   It was a long, hard day – hard because some things still might have some use.  We will probably go back through this pile in the morning to see if more can be recycled.   But it is out of the garage, which is now amazingly tidy, and not returning. There are still shelves to clean, but one can only deal with so much in one day.   There were so many decisions to be made.