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Hunter star update #2


I now have 30 out of 150 of these blocks complete.   They are not difficult, but it does require I sit at the sewing machine.  I would like to get this quilt done by the end of summer, but I’m going to have to spend more time sewing for that.


Today I pulled 2/3 of the garlic.   It is early, but we had a good spring and because I didn’t have an outside garden ready, I put them in a corner in the hoop house.  They will lie here for a week curing before I braid or otherwise store them.

I picked these zucchini while they are smaller so I can use them raw.

Have you ever eaten the big leaves that grow around the cabbage head.   We have found them to be very good – much like collards – only better.   DH likes them better than the cabbage head.

After washing and stemming them, I slice them the long way

then crosswise.    You could just slice ribbons if you prefer and sometimes I do.   I then boil them for a few minutes and we like them with vinegar over them.