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Putting pieces together – Hunter Star

Putting pieces together  – Hunter Star

Using the above two blocks, I am making one block.
Which becomes one quarter of this block
Here there are two sewn together and you see the flower starting to develop.   I am ready for this step with all the blocks now.
Then I will be creating rows like this and
pressing the seam between blocks open, so the middle of the flowers won’t be bulky.

Last week

Last week was spent in the car.  Somehow we managed to put 6 appointments into one week.   There were eye exams, hearing tests and doctor (on different days) as well as the second stem cell treatment and a chiropractor visit.    I’m going to be careful to not let that happen again – at least not in the near future.   That is all that I got done.   So today, I took the day and sewed and sewed and sewed.   What luxury!  I really hope this week will be a normal week.  Normal is good.