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Sheep paradise after halter tying

Halter tying lambs

Today we had a different, but very good reason to halter tie the lambs.  They needed their last baby shot.   I do not have the skills yet, to hold a very squirmy, escaping, lamb and put the needle in the right place.   When I halter tie them, I eliminate the escaping and if I hold them sideways to the feeder, they don’t have much squirm room either.   So the whole process goes much smoother for both me and the lamb.

Pasture Paradise

I  took  so many photos of them enjoying this.   Here they are coming down the hill from the barn on the right.  They are so excited about the green, they must stop to taste on the way to the pasture.

Some of them have made it to the far side of the nearly dry pond.

After a rest and cud chewing time, they explored even more of the area that we had prepared for them.   When it was time to come in, I had to have the neighbor come over with her border collie and encourage them to come back to the barn, safe from coyotes for the night.   This will soon be routine for them and they will come back easily.