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Euro cowl update

 I’ve been knitting this euro cowl as I really like how the colors are moving in the scarf.   I’m now about 1/3 done.   The other nice thing is that one knits until the last 4 feet of yarn and then the bind off, so when you are done, you don’t have left over yarn either.

This wisteria would like to claim the deck as its home.  These are last years branches and it has already started on this years.   However after researching their habits, we decided to stop that now.  so I cut the branches down and now we’ll put copper in the ground which is supposed to kill the roots.

And today I say a thank you to those of you joining the challenge to lose any amount of weight in June.   I went to the grocery store from the chiropractor.   It was 12.15 and I was hungry.   I picked up a goodie to eat on the way home, thought of you, and put it back down.  I waited until I got home for lunch.   Thanks for helping me by taking the challenge.    And there is still time for you to join if you are one of the ones who hasn’t yet taken the challenge.   You decide how much you want to lose during the month and we’ll check each week to see we are on task.   Our reward will be at the end of the month when some piece of clothing is not quite as tight.  (you never have to reveal your weight)

Safely enjoy your weekend.







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