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Tribal Cat Zarah

Meet Hatched in Africa’s “Tribal Cat – Zarah”   These were the colors chosen by the recipient for her jeans jacket.


And this is what happens when UPS gets the wrong gate and there is a dog on the other side.   He didn’t want to open the gate, which was smart, but really, you toss the package at the dog?  The puppy was very happy with the package.

2 Responses

  1. Sally Walter says:

    Seems odd that a delivery person would toss a package into the yard. You would think that would not qualify as a successful package drop. We have had miss-directed Amazon vans on our street at least twice. Their tablet tells them they have a package to deliver but after 5 minutes of shuffling boxes, they give up and drive away, sending a message that the delivery failed. The package usually turns up in a couple of days, but I like to try to be around when they send out a delivery notice. It is a bit irritating to plan to be home and then stand at the window and see the van with the guy sorting through the contents and then depart without dropping a box on my doorstep. In the future, I am going to opt for picking up my packages at an Amazon Locker location so I don’t waste time trying to find projects I can do where I can hear the van drive up.

  2. Dar in MO says:

    The kitty on jacket is very cute. I cannot believe UPS doesn’t dock the drivers that deliver this way. There is no excuse for that. Surely they have a high school education or some common sense in order to get a job there. I know they have great salaries too!