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9 patches for Ringo lake

Here are 25  of the 9 patches for ” Ringo Lake”.   This is half of the first step for the Bonnie Hunter mystery.   She has now published the 4th step and this will roll over into the new year, so I should be okay – well I would have been, but then

I got a call last night from this fellow.   “Mom, can you and Dad come down on Dec 29.  We have things worked out so we can have a civil wedding before this year ends and have the big wedding in April (so her relatives from Armenia have time to get passports).    So, this morning, I was on the phone with the airlines.   Yes, I have a ticket.   DH didn’t feel up to this trip.  So I will take off next week from blogging and work on the finances and the trip.

Yes, they get fed daily and still think they are starving to death.  They can’t wait for me to get it over to the feeder.   It’s getting colder here, maybe that’s why they are always hungry.   I hope all of you are staying warm.