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Today didn’t happen

Today didn’t happen in my book.   Does that happen to you?   You get to the end of the day without ever getting to the things you had planned.

This morning, after breakfast, I had an eye doctor appointment.  We went from there to the bank to get a paper notarized, then to the Office Depot to get 4 copies make and to the post office to get it mailed off.

We got home about 1 and paid the fellow who occasionally washes our windows as he was in the process, fed the ram lambs and DH wanted to eat at Panera’s.  (Does that say something about my cooking?)   We went there and came home in time to feed the sheep.  And it was sundown and time to leave our daily lives for some rest time.

The day is gone and I barely had time to blink.   This is why I need to make lists and work on them all week.

November is also gone and the list I had made;

  1. Continue with gym

  2. Make apple butter   done

  3. Add more quilting to the “Twinkling snowman” quilt to make it hang right and put a hanger in it.   done

  4. Find an execute a HIA (Hatched in Africa) project   done

  5. Take label off Hummingbird quilt and repair binding   done

  6. Finish Sunbonnet Sue #3 quilt for Elm Street’s OMG project   done

  7. Make bowl cozies for gifts     8 done and more started

  8. Make 4 American girl dress

  9. Make sweet pea pods for gifts  6 done and more started

  10. Make some Bendy bags

  11. Sell Imagine serger

  12. Sell Ovation serger

  13. Get hay delivered in barn

  14. Sell 6 Shetland rams

  15. Ready 3-4 lambing jugs

  16. Put salt tubs up

  17. Build winter sheep feeders    one of 5 done and works

  18. Find 3 recipes for Thanksgiving dinner   done

  19. Clean and rent the house next door   all cleaned now to run ads

  20. There may be from 10-20 items that get squeezed in here

6 out of 20 is better than nothing and there were 4 other projects that I made headway on.  I’m happy with that for the month.   I will continue with the list during December and add OMG and  HIA projects.   I calculated my yardage used this year and have used 111 yards of fabric.   Since I only used a third of  my goal, I think that should add 2 more years to my life span to get a chance to use the rest of it, don’t you?