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Short day

It probably was not really a short day, because it did have 24 hours.   However, it seemed short, as I made a necessary visit to the chiropractor and then a short trip to a crowded grocery store.   I have spent a considerable part of the day getting accounts in order and have much more to do.

Then there was the disappointment of hiring someone to do a job and a different job that was to be left to the future and done differently got done the way he wanted to do it.  And it would just be too expensive to re-do it.  I’m sure he thought he was really helping as he is quite proud of the job.   And to top it off, this fellow has done a terrific job up until this.  So I get to smile while I grit my teeth and try to conceal my real feelings, because even though I don’t like it,  when all is said and done, he has been a great help.