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Ram and new quilts

This hole was put into this new piece of plywood by thisram head.   He managed to get the hole large enough by ramming it to fit that whole head including the horns through it.  The neighbors asked what the sound coming from our barn in the middle of the night was and we didn’t know.   They said it sounded like firecrackers or a gun and repetitively sounded 4 times.   It was across the driveway from the barn, but this is what all that noise was about.   It certainly seems like he should have a large headache.   This is the reason one never turns a back on a ram.  He simply doesn’t need a reason.   He was head butting the cedar trees later in the day.

The other news is that I cut out the fabric 2 new quilts.  

These are the fabrics for the Sherlock Holmes New Year Mystery And these are for the Bonnie Hunter mystery “On Ringo Lake”   She just put out the 4th step, so I’m a bit behind, but now the pieces are cut for these steps, and I just have to find time to catch up.

Though the garden is not growing very much or fast, we did get a sink full of kale today.