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December 2017 list

The garlic is in the ground!   Yay!

December 2017 list

This looks like a lot, but some of the items are here to remind me to get others to do them – like the hay and the feeders.

  1. Elm Street’s OMG project — bowl cozies

  2. Make HIA project – critter baby items

  3. test quilt due Jan 8

  4. Make sweet pea pods for gifts

  5. Make some Bendy bags

  6. Sell Imagine serger

  7. Sell Ovation serger

  8. Get hay delivered in barn

  9. get sheep registrations sent in

  10. Sell 4 Shetland rams

  11. Sell 3 fleeces

  12. Ready 3 lambing jugs

  13. Put salt tubs up

  14. Build 5 more sheep feeders

  15. Get small house rented

  16. get up to date on EQ lessons

  17. sign up with new gym coach

  18. make  American girl dresses

  19. Bonnie Hunter mystery up to date

  20.  check and replace sheep coats

  21. plant garlic

  22. make sheep chute

  23. mud control in front of lower barn

  24. update accounts

  25. Fill in farm forms for taxes

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  1. Patty says:

    Bowl cozies sound like fun quick projects to make! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.