Bowl cozies, scraps, and puppy

The bowls are now ready to top stitch.  However, I’m have to get the light above the sewing machine replaced first.   It seems the ballast is bad.

The cotton scraps are all finished though I will admit that the “large” pieces that went into the color buckets were getting smaller as the day grew longer.

Daisy is and will be a puppy for another year.   We are lucky she found an egg carton to destroy.   Even though she has bones, she still loves to shred anything she can find.  We know that and we are the adults(?) here, so if it gets chewed, we have ourselves to blame.

Yes, I did big damage at Costco and will not be going again this year.   But we have dog food and dog treats and sheep treats, and even some people food.   You didn’t know Costco sold sheep food?   That’s because you might not know how much they love the little animal cookies.

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