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Bowl cozies done

The bowl cozies are done.   I love the variety of colors.  And that means I can cross the third item off my December check list.  I’m working on the sheep registrations and we now have an ad up for the rental – though I’m not sure people really want to move this time of year.   Maybe tomorrow I can advertise my sergers.  It might be a good time to sell them as well as my Featherweight sewing machines in which I’m really not interested.   It feels as though I am moving along on the list this month.

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  1. Dar in MO says:

    Nice stack of bowl cozies. I’ve only made 2 of mine so far and want to give some for gifts too. I’d better get busy. By the way, what are you asking for your Featherweight and what is it’s birthday. I love my Featherweight and have a friend that would like one too.