Wedding question

My son and finance` are planning their wedding.  They are considering 100 guests and live in San Jose, CA area.     I need some advice on what they should  expect financially.   Her family is from Armenia and their customs differ from ours.  He seems to think a wedding for this many people would typically costs somewhere around $50,000 which neither family can afford.  Now, I’m asking you, my friends, your opinion on whether this is reasonable (seems like a lot of money for 3 hours entertainment).   How would you go about coming up with a cost that is more reasonable?

It was hot here today – meaning 90 degrees in the Seattle area and Mary came for a visit.   She is still wearing a brace since she fractured some bones in a CamAm accident a month ago.  But she is healing well.   So we relaxed and shared photos and did some watering.   It should go down in history that no sewing or knitting was done.


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  1. Franna Pitt says:

    Weddings can be uber expensive! Formal wear, catered dinner/lunch, limo, flowers, specialty wedding location, fancy cake, wine/champagne/open bar, music, videographer, wedding party lodging. All of those costs can be reduced and still have a class event.

  2. Donna says:

    I am not married now; but, when I first was getting ready for a wedding, one of my friends from nursing school, helped out a lot. We got married in the chapel on the campus of Wright State University. The minister did not charge us anything. My colors were green and yellow and the flowers were done up appropriately. Mostly daffodils, my favorite flower. My dress was from the sale rack and some bridal boutique, the name I do not recall.

    We did have a professional photographer; but, his rates were reasonable. The after wedding dinner was held at a local restaurant, with a no host designation. That meant that guests had to pay for their own beverages and meals. I think it all cost less than $1,000. Certainly it could not have been too much over that amount. We did not go on a honeymoon; but, we did have the bridal suite at the hotel for the weekend. $50,000 seems like a lot of money; but, for anywhere in California, it might be considered reasonable.

  3. There are so many TV shows that make young couples feel that they have to have a theme, expensive setting and flowers, etc. When our daughter was planning her wedding, we told her what we could afford to pay, and they worked with that. There are always less expensive options – you just have to look for them (student photographers, self-employed florists, etc)