Daily Archives: August 18, 2017





Boredom?   Doesn’t happen here!

This knocked me off my chair late last night.   I really thought he would never find the right woman.   He’s nearly 40 now, so he’s met a few and no one appealed to him enough to make him pop the question.  Now he has done it!   And we are happy for them.   No date has been set yet.

I took Beau (dog) to the vet this morning to get the stitches out and he gets so excited with all the new smells, it is difficult to hang onto him.  We came home from that and Bill and I went to the grocery store.  I had a short list, but, even so, they didn’t have half the items on my list.

The UPS man dropped these 40# boxes off at the gate to the barn instead of at the front door.  When DH went to get them, one of the dogs slipped by and did a neighborhood walk about.   So I put the boxes in the back of the car and then went dog chasing.   And this is why I go to the gym 3 days a week.

I made stuffed Rigatoni for a company lunch tomorrow.  I simmered the tomatoes to half the amount and added vegetables to that.   The filling for these is a vegan ricotta/spinach filling.   Then I did get some basic house cleaning done and 5 pints of green beans canned.

When I went to feed the sheep, I found one with his head stuck in the fence and he didn’t want to pull back, so I called a neighbor to have him help me push the head back through.   How is it these sheep can twist their heads to get to grass on the other side of a fence, but can’t twist it to get back out?   Boredom on a farm?   It doesn’t happen.   Sometimes I wonder what I did for entertainment when we lived in the city, and then I remember.   We had little children and music lessons!

Every day this week, I had allocated the afternoon to sewing, but every time an afternoon came, there was something else more pressing.    I only have a week and a half of this month left and still have not completed any of my August sewing/quilting challenges, though some are started.   The knitting challenge is finished.   I just looked at next weeks and find that Monday, we go to the heart doctor and my helper that usually comes for 5 hours on Monday is taking the day off for eclipse reasons. Tuesday, the people are coming with the excavator to dig the hole to put a large water tank and a propane tank.   Lines will be dug to connect the water to the house as well.  Maybe Sunday, after I water the gardens, and Wednesday I can work on some of these projects.  I don’t do well missing sleep, so that is not an option.

Boredom?   I don’t even know what that is.

Right now, I’m ready for the Sabbath rest.   You are welcome to join us.