Daily Archives: August 8, 2017

Embroidered hedgehog and garden

 These embroidered hedgehog are from Hatched in  Africa.   They are darling  (background on left is accurate color).   It is a set of 10 that I will make into a baby blanket bit by bit.  My aim is to embroider one or two each day between other chores.

The blueberries are nearly finished.   I have 55# in the freezer and the rest that I pick we will just eat.  This bowl had 4#15 oz this morning.  My guess is that there will get another 3-4# this year and they will be done.

These sun gold and Oregon gold tomatoes don’t stop.  There are a few Romas here.   Every year I am not gong to keep any volunteers as they are always the little ones.  However, every year, I give in and give most of them a place.   This year they consumed about 45 linear feet of space.   Please help me with my resolve next year to not keep more than 6 volunteers.  I want only to plant half a dozen big tomatoes and half a dozen Romas.   That should be plenty.