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Male Cardinal is paper pieced

Between picking blueberries and cucumbers, watering, working on the tomatoes,  etc., I finished this little fellow.  He will finish at 8″ square and will get a mate sometime in the next week.  I do enjoy getting a chance to work on projects, but often during the summer, they have to take a back seat.

There is another double batch of cucumber relish now in the refrigerator.   In the morning, I will rinse it, put the rest of the ingredients in and can it.

Beau, the dog in the foreground spent some time at the vet’s on Friday.   He had to have stitches in two places and they updated his shots, which were way out of date.   In two weeks we go back to have the stitches out.   The window that he went through to cut himself now has fencing over it.   He didn’t go through glass, it was a cutout, but had a nail where screening had previously been.  However, we don’t enjoy spending money at the vet’s, so have that covered.

I also went to the grocery store that day and had a physical.   When chores were done, I just lay down for a bit and went to sleep and that is why no blog post.