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Wedding question

My son and finance` are planning their wedding.  They are considering 100 guests and live in San Jose, CA area.     I need some advice on what they should  expect financially.   Her family is from Armenia and their customs differ from ours.  He seems to think a wedding for this many people would typically costs somewhere around $50,000 which neither family can afford.  Now, I’m asking you, my friends, your opinion on whether this is reasonable (seems like a lot of money for 3 hours entertainment).   How would you go about coming up with a cost that is more reasonable?

It was hot here today – meaning 90 degrees in the Seattle area and Mary came for a visit.   She is still wearing a brace since she fractured some bones in a CamAm accident a month ago.  But she is healing well.   So we relaxed and shared photos and did some watering.   It should go down in history that no sewing or knitting was done.