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Septic tank and heart diet

This 500 gallon septic tank will allow us to put a toilet at the barn which will be a real convenience.

This first time down the hole wasn’t quite wide enough at the bottom, so they had to bring it back up and dig it wider.op

Now it fits beautifully and is covered.    Next week we will tackle putting the propane and water tank into the ground.Here the supervising crew is as close as they can get and still stay out of the sun and out of the way.


The heart disease diet is going to be a real challenge, but we’re going to take it on.  We are looking to reverse this disease.  I get more information tomorrow, but at this point, it is NO oils, no nuts or avocado, no sugars, low salt, and include 6 cups of cooked greens a day.  Thankfully the cooked greens includes such things as Brussels sprouts and broccoli along with spinach type greens.   And of course, potatoes, rice, lots of fruits and vegetables as well as legumes.   So today we planted more greens in the hoop house, as we try to keep up with these requirements.

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  1. Sally Walter says:

    Sharon, do you have a book you can refer me to for the heart diet? A friend from high school who is in our congregation just had triple bypass surgery. He knows he should go vegan. I can send them all the sites like CHIP, Forks over Knives, Dr. McDougal, Dr. Furhman, etc. but it would be nice to have a couple of books for him to read that has some good science to go with the recipes. She won’t read them, she just wants recipes but one of them needs to know the why and how of eating vegan for clean arteries. We both know there are many versions and plans for vegan diets and some folks who go vegan don’t have a clue how important raw and fresh is to the plan. I loaned all my CHIP materials to a nurse in College Place before we moved and didn’t get them back so I don’t even have those to start them in the right direction.