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More animal adventures


Animal adventures are getting a bit too time consuming around here.   The dogs managed to get out to the road and visit with a couple neighbors this morning.   Beau got out of one pasture into another 4 times before we figured out how he was doing it.   He also got a cut, so he gets to go to the vet for 3-4 stitches.   Tomorrow, the electricity will be moved lower on the gate.   Then we’ll let him test it again.

It was hot for here today.   At 95 degrees, even the bees came out to get cooled off.  See the mass of black on the gray box.   That is just a mass of bees.  I’ll check their box again tomorrow.   Maybe they need another box for ventilation.   See the fellow in the background?   If they see me, their is one thing on their mind:   FOOD.  Yes, I am the food dispenser.

After all that fun and running around this morning, I was able to spend a bit of time in the studio (where it is also cooler) this afternoon.   I think I will get this fellow finished on Sunday.

Tomorrow, there is gym, then picking blueberries, watering and another doctor appointment.

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