Little shell sock progress;

I am loving the way these “Little shell socks” have turned out.  They are ready to have the toes knit in and finished off.    They have been on the needles way too long.  My goal was to finish them this month and that should happen.

These sheep now have permanent residence here.   The hay wagon helped me get a bit closer to them.  There is a saying in sheep and some other livestock “stranger danger” and until they get used to me being the one bringing food, that’s how they will think.   They have luscious wool and about half are lambs.  Most of them are colored, which is also sought after.   So I am a happy shepherdess today.

When I was picking blueberries, I saw this beautiful dragonfly on one of the leaves.

2 Responses

  1. Dar says:

    Your socks are very pretty. I love the little coats the lambs are wearing — especially the purple ones. They are really in style.

  2. You’ve got some beautifully-coloured sheep there! What breed are they?
    We’ve seen a few dragonflies like that here too – never saw them before this year… We also have a few monarch butterfly caterpillars! We’re eager to see them complete their cycle!