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Fiber adventures

It was time for “Fiber adventures” with these 4 boys as it is time to leave their mothers.  They are getting old enough to be potent and dumb enough to catch any female in their area including their mother and sisters.

So I recruited a friend and her two helpers.   The lambs and mothers had the run of the property in the early spring, so these lambs knew their way around.   They knew there were two ways around the garage, two ways around the house and they knew the complete circle around the hoop house.   So they gave us all a good adventure.  These dogs were hot and tired.   Moving 4 boys 400 feet away from their mother so there was a complete pasture between them was a lot of work.   Here the dogs are getting to cool off after all that running.

These 4 beautiful boys are now in their new pasture where they will stay until sold.   They are beautiful with nice fine fleece.  However, many of the rams do not get to play the breeding game.   They are kept for their nice fleeces or become BBQ.

Every once in awhile, we get excitement around here and this was one of those days.   Another of those days, is when we have to change the coats on our ewes.  This day is overdue.   It is just too hot this week.  However, we did get to the feed store to get more grain.   Unfortunately, others shepherds had the same idea and we will go back sooner than if we had been able to get a full load.

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