Embroidered hedgehog and garden

 These embroidered hedgehog are from Hatched in  Africa.   They are darling  (background on left is accurate color).   It is a set of 10 that I will make into a baby blanket bit by bit.  My aim is to embroider one or two each day between other chores.

The blueberries are nearly finished.   I have 55# in the freezer and the rest that I pick we will just eat.  This bowl had 4#15 oz this morning.  My guess is that there will get another 3-4# this year and they will be done.

These sun gold and Oregon gold tomatoes don’t stop.  There are a few Romas here.   Every year I am not gong to keep any volunteers as they are always the little ones.  However, every year, I give in and give most of them a place.   This year they consumed about 45 linear feet of space.   Please help me with my resolve next year to not keep more than 6 volunteers.  I want only to plant half a dozen big tomatoes and half a dozen Romas.   That should be plenty.

One Response

  1. We’ve never grown the little tomatoes, but maybe we should try them next year. They’re perfect for snacking on, and way better than chips or candy! Plus, my little grandson loves them!
    How many blueberry bushes do you have? or is “how many acres” a better question? Our garden is partly under some evergreens, but I don’t know if the soil is acidic enough to grow them here without having to amend the soil…
    What I’d really love to grow is red gooseberries, but hubby’s not thrilled about the idea. His dad loved gooseberry pie, but he’s been gone for almost 25 years. I’d make jam with them – and maybe a pie for old time’s sake! It would be a few years before I’d have berries…