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Day in the kitchen and garden

A day in the kitchen yielded another 13 cups of relish,

And an artichoke, potato, pepper casserole, that took too much time to create and was okay, but we won’t be having it again.

This one was hiding.   But thankfully it went home with the daughter who found it.   We now have 22 sizeable cukes in the refrigerator meaning over 8″ plus many more pickle size on the vines.   I will be finding homes for some most of it.   One hears about zucchini sneaking in people’s cars, on their front porches etc.   Here it will be cucumbers.   The zucchini have about the same number of plants, but are not out to win the race.  But I am choosing not to complain too much because winter is on its way and I will wish we had the fresh produce.

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  1. Yes, I remember the days of sneaking zucchini into mailboxes, unlocked cars, etc…! My zucchini has only one small one so far – lots of male flowers, but they’re all show and no fruit. I have a friend who will take all the cukes I can give her, so I haven’t had to resort to stuffing mailboxes with them yet.
    I have relish-making on the schedule for today – I found 2 jars in the pantry yet, so one batch should do.
    It’s discouraging when you find a new recipe that sounds exciting and turns out to be a bust… Live and learn I guess!