Super Bowl game mystery quilt


How many times do we go out expecting to be back in an hour and it turns into 3 or 4 days?   Exactly!  And that’s what happened to us today.   We went to look at some granite for the vanity top, which we didn’t find, then made a few more stops and before we knew it, the day was nearly gone.   We bought a few more cases of water, so now if we get snowed in without power, we’ll be okay.   However, I still need to get some 5 gallon containers of water for the animals.


  I did get some cutting and sewing done.  I decided to do the 2013 Homespun Hearth Super Bowl mystery quilt again since I liked it so much.   It is all cut out now and with these 24 blocks sewn, I am at the half time mark for the flimsy.  With tomorrow’s schedule, it may have to wait until Thursday.


2 Responses

  1. Judy S says:

    Love your recent projects, especially Hope’s blanket! Do you ever come to Issaquah? Maybe we could meet at Gilman Village sometime?

    • sharon says:

      Thank you. Hope’s blanket was a kit I purchased a few years ago, hoping that my daughter would decide to be a mother.
      She and her DH have decided not to have children, but his sister, who was told she could not have children, had this
      beautiful baby girl and named her Hope, so she gets the little blanket when they go see her at Christmas.