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We wish a Happy Thanksgiving season to all our Canadian friends.


I didn’t know how many pints of carrots I’d get out of 3 bags.   But  I was expecting more like 30 pints.  Today, after the exercise routine, I came home and did carrots, and carrots, and carrots.   In fact I have been working with carrots since 10.30 this morning and ended up putting the last batch in the refrigerator to process in the morning.   There are 56 quarts and I promised DH that I would do split pea soup tomorrow.    I’m beginning to be a stranger to the sewing room.    But we will be eating this winter and until the next garden season.

IMG_3335The last 8 pints to fill this box are currently processing.  As soon as they are finished, I plan to relax and not think about the other 3 large bags of carrots in the refrigerator.   Maybe they can stay there a long time.   We  do use about a pint a week with potatoes.   We put potatoes and carrots in the blender, add seasonings and enough broth to give us the consistency for a gravy, sauce, or soup.