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Rain, then sun and some knitting


This is what rain can look like, though rarely does in this area.   Usually it is more of a drizzle, but yesterday, the rain gave all it had.

Since the sun was shinning today, we walked, then went to the feed store and purchased another 11 bags of grain (50# each) which should last a long time with just 4 sheep and a few ducks, etc.    Before we unloaded it into the garbage cans, we cleaned out the feed room.   There is a hot water tank under the counter and it makes the perfect mouse nesting place. nice and warm in the winter.   Now that is all cleaned out and there is quite a bit of mouse “candy” in there.   I don’t think they’ll eat all of that, but if they do, there is still half a package.   Next, we unloaded all the grain into the metal garbage pails and had lunch.


After lunch, we worked awhile pulling out the rest of the vines, such as tomato, cucumber, and melon.   We felt we deserved a rest and knitting, so we are taking the rest of the day a bit slower.