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Another interesting day – but then, most days are interesting.    After canning another 5 pints of pears and going to the gym, Mary came over for lunch.   Then we opened the Scan-n-Cut.   Because neither of us was familiar with the machine, we actually had to read the directions which were given in 7 languages.   It was not a case of open and use.   We do need to take the lesson on how to operate it.    However, we did manage to get this 3.5″ square snowflake cut out of cotton.   I probably should put it on something I’ll save, since it is the first thing we managed.  We did sign up for the lesson which won’t be until early November.


After giving up on the Scan-n-cut, I started sewing these little rain coats.   They also are a bit challenging as one makes and inner coat and an outer coat, sandwiching the hood between.  The sleeves and sides are not finished as there is also a ruffle to be put on the end of each sleeve.  The directions have one finishing the sides and then just tacking the ruffle on, but I will try to put it in the seam as I did on the hood.   I’m not sure why they didn’t do it that way, but it’s possible that I will find out and then the others will be done differently.   The first one is always the test case.